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Why Religion Is Important in Public Education.

Religion education should be taught in public schools since it gives those children who do not get spiritual; teachings from their parents a chance to understand their religious background.

The teaching of the religion in public school has helped reduce immorality amongst children as hey area taught of what the society expects from them. The teaching in the public institutions is of high significance since the public instituions are the widely attended by many children and students in the society, many people will get the teaching on the religion and this helps reduce immorality in the society like drug addiction, sexuall immorality , robbery amongst other crimes.

Religion in public education system will help the students be able to respond to questions in line to their spiritual development. Children are able to gain a lot of knowledge that will help them be able to tackle any difiicult question that they may be asked which are in line it their spiritual life and development.

immorality is reduced by a wide margin since the children develops a conscience that helps them deal with the challenges they face in the right way, by for example seeking guidance instead of choosing ways that may cause them harm.

Religion in public education system will give the children and a strong spiritual background which will make them have fear of God and respect to other humanity, the strong faith they possess will help the live a life full of moral virtues and even helps them develop the spirit of frequent prayers leading to them living a holy life.

The global communities have various cultures which are obviously bringing confusion to people who does not understand them properly therefore through education on religion, the students are able to clear the myths regarding some religions. Religion in public education will help students learn to understand and respect different people who have different cultures and believes
since the global society have different believes and culture which must be respected for there to be a mutual co-existence.

Religious education will help the students eliminate prejudice, intolerance and hate among the student themselves and other members of the society, by us hating each other will mean that we are living in a society which is very dangerous since it gives room to very unpeaceful environment.

The religious education in schools helps crop children into a future ethical, faithful and employees who can be trusted since they grow with the teachings on morality therefore developing into reliable public servants.

The students get to understand the need of others respecting their values and principles and hence they will also see the need of respecting other people’s values and principles through personal understanding and feeling.

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